Tribestan improves sexual activity, and also improves and prolongs penile erection in men. Traditionally used as a dietary supplement to enhance vigor, vitality and stamina.

Benefits: * Increased sex drive and higher levels of testosterone * Improves libido in men and women * Prolongs duration of the erection * Stimulating influence on spermatogenesis * Increased number of spermatozoa and their motility * Increased anabolic hormones to optimum level * Improved sexual function * Reduced catabolism * Speeds recuperation * Relieves menopausal symptoms * Stimulates ovulation * Favorable influence on insomnia, irritability or apathy *

Tribestan was developed and approved for production and use in practice in Europe in 1981. Information about the plant became known in America in 1983 from the self-published Handbook of Chinese Herbs and Formulas, volume 1, by Him-che Yeung in Los Angeles, and the 1985 Chemical Constituents of Oriental Herbs, volume 2, by Hong-Yen Hsu and others (Long Beach: Oriental Healing Arts Institute). Most of the available research, however, has been conducted and published in Europe.

Thousands of people are now enjoying increased potency and they owe it all to TRIBESTAN Extract. They know Tribestan Extract really works!

Tribestan has been sold in Europe for many years and is how available in America without a prescription.

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A Natural Wonder Increased sex drive and higher levels of testosterone, all from an herbal preparation.
By Jim Wright, PhD, Health & Science Editor

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